1 mai 2012

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Radio System

Radio System is a course that we follow to the BME. We study the antennas, the modulation and demodulation of an analog signal and a digital signal. In summary, we study how is transmitted of the radio or the TV between the issuer and the users.

We put these lectures into practice in practical work on Friday afternoon. During one of our lab, we have been on the roof of the building to set a parable and see how to put it in order to have the best signal.

1 mai 2012

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The BeerBike is a great experience. It’s an activities that link the sport and the beer, it’s can only be great!

To participate in this activity, we must find a group of 8 to 12 people (only 8 people pedal). Then you choose the alcohol you want (10 beers, 20, or 30L /wine / soft), and you find yourself at the point of rendezvous next to Heroes Square.
It takes about 15 000 Ft / h, and 800 Ft / L of beer. 

Depending on the time you take, you visit a part of Budapest, mainly aroundHeroes Square. To satisfy your natural needs, you can take breaks during the trip.


1 mai 2012

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Opera House

Opera House dans City 20938508-300x225

Inaugurated in September 1884, the Budapest State Opera’s ambition was torival those of Paris, Vienna and Dresden. The great Hungarian architect MiklosYbl made ​​it his life’s work. Carefully restored, the interior has a sumptuousdecoration which was attended by artists such as Strobl and Lotz. Opera has had in its history of famous directors, including Ferenc Erkel, composer of the opera Bank Ban, Gustav Mahler and Otto Klemperer.


15 avril 2012

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Budapest, Europe’s crossroads

Erasmus student are really well framed by good Hungarians mentors. They proposed a lot of travel inside and outside Hungary.

As well we have visited Prague and Vienna with the student association. It’s a good oportunity of visiting new town, discover new languages, currencies,… And you travel with all the erasmus, so you’re never alone and you can just enjoy the city with fifty friends.

Budapest, Europe's crossroads dans Travel 1-prague-chateau-prague1-300x195

Prague's castle

These trip are really enjoyable because the mentors are here for you, you don’t have to care about the transport, the hostel, the visiting. We are just here to relax and stay all together.

15 avril 2012

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The life is too short and the time is runing out, you want to visit more? Discover town on your own, and loose yourself in a foreign country?
Traveling without the association  is really easy in Hungary. There are  lot of bus traveling compagnie which are really cheap and the train is available too! For example, I paied 10 € to go and go back from Bratislava and 40 € to go to Krakow (Poland).

Hostels are affordable if you like youth hostel and dormitory. Most of the time a night cost around 8-10 €.
These hostel are really confortable, you can have breakfast in the morning access to internet and sometime there is a bar just in the hostel. It’s also a good place to get information on the town you are visiting (place to go, nice and cheap restaurant, good pub,…) and meet a lot of people coming from everywhere!

I visited Krakow during 4 days. To reach this city from Budapest we had to take a bus for seven long hours but it worthed it. Here we had the chance to visit several historics places. In the city you can visit the factory from « La Liste de Schindler », the old jew ghetto where the polish jews was living in 1941. The visiting are really easy to access in these country there is a lot of « free tour » organized by a European association, it’s in english and really interesting to follow. I also visited the concentration/extermination camp Auschwitz-birkenau, something impressiv that people shall visit I think.

Auschiwtz birkenau entrance.

But hopefully there is a lot of funny and things to do in Krakow. We ate for almost nothing at restaurant, take the time to try a lot of polish vodka and beers.

Finally, I would say that Hungary is the country to visit other country. All transport are usable, train, car, even place is not that expensive if you find cheap flight. You can visit Croatia, Romania, Poland, Slovaquia. To give you an exemple my two flatmates are american, they’ll probably won’t com back soon to Europe then they visit a lot of country, they have been to Milan in Italy, in London and they are planning to go to Madrid.

So if you are a traveller, if you enjoy discovering new peoples, new kinds of landscape don’t hesitate, come in Hungary!

5 avril 2012

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Corvinus Café

Corvinus Café dans Party 417040_283108605094364_242461302492428_665137_1423953046_n-300x300

The Corvinus Café is a little bar where you can found a lot of cocktail and shooter for a very friendly price. You can take two cocktail for only 800 Ft every day. It’s a good place for start the night.

1066 Budapest, Jókai utca 38


5 avril 2012

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Andersen Pub

Andersen Pub dans Party IMG_4104-300x199

The Andersen is a great pub for who love beer, or just want to meet some friends and play cards. We can found a lot of beer choice, and also we can take one-shot-long-beer-meter for only 1000 Ft. The beer price is very friendly, 200 Ft one Andersen beer.

1085 Budapest  Krúdy Gyula utca 17


5 avril 2012

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Morrison’s 2

Morrison's 2 dans Party Morrisons-Music-Pub_3-300x200

The Morrison is a pub and a club at the same time. Like the Szimpla, the Morrison is an old building converted into a pub, the pub is located in the central courtyard, and all the rooms in turn form the club with three different atmospheres. This is the meeting point of the Monday for all Erasmus students, between 21h and 23h, the entrance is 500 Ft with 3 beers.

1055 Budapest  Szent István körút 11


4 avril 2012

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Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert dans Party romkocsmak_fotokiallitas-300x203

Here is a good place to share a beer for 500 Ft, or a good burger for 800 Ft with friends. The Szimpla is a old building rearranged in pub with a central courtyard for smokers, the place is decorated with found objects. It is also one of the few places where you can drink a shot of absinthe.

1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 14, Hongrie


1 avril 2012

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Heroe’s Square

Heroe's Square dans City Heroes-Square-2-300x200

Heroe’s square is one of the major squares of Budapest. The central site of the heroe’s square, as well as a landmark of Budapest, is the Millennium Memorial with statues of the leaders of the seven tribes that founded Hungary in the 9th century and other outstanding figures of Hungarian history.

When the monument was originally constructed, Hungary was a part of the Austrian Empire and thus the last five spaces for statues on the left of the colonnade were reserved for members of the ruling Hasburg dynasty. The monument was damaged in World War II and when it was rebuild the Hasburg were replaced by the current figures.

At the front of the monument is a large stone cenotaph surrounded which is dedicated « To the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of our people and our national independence. »

Heroes-Square-1-300x136 dans City


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